Sinclair Group Forest Products Ltd.

Nechako Lumber Ltd, Premium Pellet & Apollo Forest Products

  • Transportation of Renewable Resources for Pellet Mill & Energy Plant Divisons
  • General Maintenance of Vanderhoof Mills
  • Nechako Nugreen Energy Project – build foundation for the new energy plant including excavation and aggregate placement according to engineering specifications as well as various other projects
  • Engineered Bridge Installations 
  • Paving preparation and subgrade work - parking area, loading areas, roadways 
  • Forestry Road Construction maintenance and upgrades as well as deactivation works 
  • Premium Pellet Mill expansion project including underground utility installation 
  • Industrial foundations and earthworks 



QM Environmental, Lejac Residential School Site

  • Excavation and removal of contaminated soils and debris.  Supply and placement of S.G.S.B. and W.G.B. aggregates


Nechako Evironmental Watershed Stewardship Society

  • Greer Creek, as well as various other rehabilitation sites in Vanderhoof and surrounding area
  • Bridge installations, creek armouring, supply and placement of aggregates


Ducks Unlimited Canada, Burns Lake

  • Two major water dam projects - Grassy Plains

JC Water Works, Vanderhoof

  • Various job contracts
  • Nadleh Reservation, Fort Fraser, including road up grades and underground installations
  • Saik’uz First Nations Reservation, Vanderhoof, underground installations, road upgrades, and foundation works on reserve

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Nechako Lumber Ltd - Wood Division

  • Bridge Installations & Forest Road Construction for Woods Division
  • Blue Mountain Connector Road – Logging road development including the installation of culverts and bridges to connect Striegler Road and Blue Mountain Road
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IMG 1017

Stellat’en First Nations

  • 2015-Present - Residential Developments
  • 2018-Present - Fire Protection & Water Hydrants Install 
  • 2018 - Admin Office - Extensive Water Abatement Improvements
  • 2018 - Extensive Sub-Division Infrastructure Extentions 
  • 2017-2018 - Water Treatment Plant Development
  • 2015-2017 - Wellness Centre Development
  • 2016 - Forest Building Development


BC Livestock Auction Market 

  • Site Preparation for new Sorting Pens 

Saik’uz First Nations

  • 2015-Present - Residential Developments 

JC's Waterworks

  • BC Hydro - water main upgrade
  • Nadleh Whut’en Cultural Centre & Residential Infrastructure Developent - civil works
  • Sturgeon Hatchery Phase 2 - water and sewer main extension for Nechako White Sturgeon Hatchery
  • Nak’albun School – Fort St James – excavation of foundation and underground services eg. water/sewer
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New Haven Construction

  • Nadleh Whut’en Cultural Center - supply & place all sub-grade materials
  • Nadleh Whut’en Health Center - supply sub-grade materials at new Site and re-location of building 
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Nechako View Senior Citizens’ Society

  • Ongoing expansion of Senior Housing 
  • foundation & underground service installations
  • landscaping and parking lot preparation and maintenance i.e. snow plowing 

Steve’s Equipment Services Inc. 

  • Mining exploration & development in Central Interior 

Shotgun Contracting Ltd. 

  • Nechako Community Office Building Expansion 

Regional District Bulkley Nechako

  • Fort Fraser Install Single Family underground water & sewer services
  • General Maintenance at Vanderhoof, Ft. Fraser & Ft. St. James Transfer Stations
  • continually involved in restoration of Clearview Landfill 
  • periodic water & sewer repairs and maintenance
May 23 2015 Building Berm

Pacific Northern Gas

  • 2015-Present - continued maintenance to existing gas lines & access roads

District of Vanderhoof

  • Assist with various maintenance & upgrade Projects
  • 2015 Flood Prevention - building of berm & placement of gabion baskets

Pitman Ashpalt

  • sub-base prep for parking lots & driveways

Murray Creek RestorationsStoney Creek Restorations

Nechako Environment Water Stewardship Society (website

  • Clear Creek & Knight Creek Rehabilitations
  • Murray Creek Restoration - realigned a portion of orignal creek channel as well as cleanup & rehabilitation of various areas
  • Stoney Creek Restoration - cleanup & rehabilitation of various areas including the mouth of Stoney Creek into Nechako River

Waterline Upgrade - Sturgeon Hatchery

Ducks Unlimited Canada

  • Continued maintenance & upgrade on Conservation Projects in the Central Interior of BC

Vanderhoof Co-operative Association

  • Lumber & Agra Yard - all sub-grade elevations & ashpalt prep in conjunction with Pitman Asphalt
  • New Lumber & Agriculture Warehouse - site and foundation preparation
  • New Petroleum Cardlock Parking Lot - site peparation in conjunction with Pittman Asphalt Co Ltd.




Vanderhoof Sportfield and Stadium Project

  • Off-site disposal and on-site embankment of topsoil and granular material, storm and water works, placement of electrical conduit, site grading, placement of granular base and sub-base
  • Blending and placement of sport field growing medium
  • Finish grading, irrigation, and grass establishment


District of Fort St. James / Nak’azdli Indian Band

  • De-slugging of two existing cells
  • Supply and installation of new HDPE aeration systems in each cell
  • Supply and install new seepage receiving station with associated tanks and manholes
  • Interconnection with existing systems


L & M Lumber

Multiple Creek Crossing Structures (3 Multi-plate) (1 Concrete Girder Bridge and Deck Panel)

Installation of 3 separate multi-plate structures measuring 6m wide, 3m high, and 30+ meters long on precast concrete footings

  • Includes site survey, environmental monitoring, stream diversion channels, structure construction, and completion
  • Installation at 1 concrete girder and deck panel bridge with associated footings, site survey, environmental monitoring, stream diversion channel, structure construction, and completion

District of Vanderhoof

Loop Road Storm Main and Upgrades to 5 Roads within District of Vanderhoof

  • Design, supply, and install 170 lineal meters of 800mm HDPE storm main with manhole structures, and out fall energy dissipation structure on the 23% gradient
  • Oak, Saranovich, Speedway, Enns, and Markey Road upgrades
  • Including sub surface drainage improvements and replacements, sub grade sub-excavation, sub grade replacement with aggregates, certification, and completion.



Canadian Forest Products – Plateau Division

New Planer and Associated Yard Structures

Complete underground drainage design and installation; supply and placement of the following major components:

  • Subsurface bulk excavation totalling 110,000m3
  • Design, supply and install subsurface drainage structures and catchment systems
  • Surface and grade preparation for paving of 80,000m2 of yard around new planer and sawmill
  • Demolition and removal off-site of old 175,000ft2 planer building and foundations

Premium Pellet

Main Yard and Plant Drainage Improvements

Yard substructure, drainage installation and paving prep for 40,000m2 paving works and yard upgrades including:

  • In house drainage substructure design
  • Bulk excavation of existing yard
  • Installation of substructure drainage and sub-grade aggregates
  • Supply and placement of surfacing aggregate and 50,000m2 of asphaltic paving



Pittman Asphalt and Ministry of Highways

Sowchea Intersection Upgrade, Fort St. James

  • Complete sub-grade structure works on Sowchea Intersection Upgrade
  • Removal and reinstallation of substructure drainage improvements and underground utilities
  • Supply and installation of new underground utilities conduit, overhead signals, and light appurtenances
  • Supply and placement of base gravels in preparation for asphaltic pavement


Northern Health Authority

Omineca Multi-Level Care Facility Site Services

Construction of all on-site and off-site service infrastructure components; the project consists of the following major components:

  • Excavation to waste approximately 10,000m3
  • Supply, place and compact approximately 6,000m3 of imported structural fill
  • Supply and install domestic water system
  • Supply and install fire suppression system
  • Supply and install sanitary sewer system
  • Supply and install storm sewer system
  • Construct paved parking lot complete with lighting and pavement markings
  • Construct paved access road complete with concrete curb and gutter, sidewalks and wheel chair ramps
  • Excavate building foundation and place and compact structural fill

Canadian Forest Products – Plateau Division

Sawmill Expansion                   

Site preparation, development and infrastructure for new sawmill expansion; the project consists of the following major components:

  • Bulk excavation in excess of 20,000m3
  • Supply and placement of approximately 15,000m3 structural fill
  • Installation of storm drainage system
  • Construction of 2.5 km of rail spur lines sub-grade and associated drainage systems ©Shelly Manwaring 2023